FriarBall: Trevor hands D-backs NL West

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trevor hands D-backs NL West

Most Pads fans will attest to the fact that when it's Trevor Time, it's not necessarily and 3-and-out event. More than any other closer in history, Trevor Hoffman has come in to close out games and assure SD a notch in the win column. But we all know that there is usually some excitement in the process.

Well Hoffman made things interesting Saturday and instead of the Padres clinching a playoff spot, the blown save in the ninth lead to a Milwaukee win and Arizona winning the division. Luckily for SD they still only have to win the final game of the season to lock up the playoffs, but it still would be nice to have that part of the season wrapped up. What irony is it that Tony Gwynn Jr. hit the game-tying triple?

While Arizona has played well above expectations and has earned its playoff spot, the thing that frustrates me is that because the entire NL is mediocre this year, the D-hacks have the best record and have secured home field advantage until the World Series. Nothing like helping out your enemy.

Things still stay dicey if the Pads can't win tomorrow, with a potential four-team playoff a possibility to sort out the wild card. Despite the fact he is ineligible for the playoff roster, Brett Tomko will play the biggest role for multiple teams. Let's hope his role is that of heartbreaker - to the other teams still hoping to get in.

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