FriarBall: Welcome to 2002 Brian Giles

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome to 2002 Brian Giles

Apparently someone forgot to remind Brian Giles that he doesn't have 5 HR in 3 game power anymore and that he was a leadoff guy whose best asset is the fact that he gets on base. But apparently all of the Padres love Cincinnati after scoring 25 runs in 3 games.

After that offensive outburst it me thinking - would the Padres be better in a ballpark like Great American? Obviously the Reds aren't any good but it's not because of their hitting, so with a staff like the one SD has, would the Padres succeed in a park like that. A lot is made of Petco and the fact that the pitching staff benefits from the deep fences but does the ballpark really make that much of a difference?

In certain situations, it's obvious the environment and the ballpark have an impact (Coors Field anyone) but that doesn't mean the Padres wouldn't be just as successful in a smaller park. Now I am not trying to dredge up the argument going on as far as whether to move the fences in but the wheels started spinning after seeing all of the runs this weekend.

It's actually really nice when the offense makes an appearance, it would just be better if it was around more often.

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