FriarBall: Preparing for 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Preparing for 2008

Alright, starting Monday I will give my personal opinions on the breakdown of the 2008 Padres heading into Spring Training. That should get me enough time to organize my thoughts and feelings.

Now before you go around saying this is just some random guys random thoughts and decide not to check them out, I have to say that I have been enlightened this offseason. After finishing last in a fantasy baseball league following three years of success in another league, I decided to completely rethink my approach to the game.

I realize - and admit - I am probably the last baseball fan on earth to ready Moneyball, but that book not only reshaped the way I look at baseball statistics but my understanding of our own Paul DePodesta.

Following Moneyball, I read Fantasyland by Sam Walker of the Wall Street Journal. While that book is based mainly on fantasy baseball, there was also a lot of info about how to evaluate players and their talent in different ways as well. That book led me to the writings of Ron Shandler and let's just say my brain is on overload now.

So after I sort it out this weekend, I will begin some hopefully insightful breakdowns of the squad. So come back on Monday, even if it is to just see how bad I ramble.

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