FriarBall: Towers looking to add another OF

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Towers looking to add another OF

One of the things I can't stand about the offseason is when you hit the lull right before players get back to work. No matter what the sport, when the market opens to sign free agents there is always a flurry of news but as spring training or training camp gets closer, the news seems to slow down.

That is the point we have hit, so what type of news are we relegated too? Apparently in an online chat today Kevin Towers said he wanted to add another OF, this one day after the North County Times ran a story on a group of players taking extra OF practice to see if they could help out. Apparently that first practice must not have gone that well.

So, how big is this bit of news? Not really, but since it is happening during a lull in Padres news, it becomes bigger than it really is. And what makes this worse is the fact that this isn't really news. I mean, shouldn't every GM be looking continuously at possibles ways to improve his team?

And it's no secret that we're thin in the OF, so what does this really mean? It means it's time for players to report and for spring to finally begin.

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