FriarBall: 2008 Previews: Right Field

Monday, February 11, 2008

2008 Previews: Right Field

Keeping with the theme of aging outfielders, the Padres will again turn to Brian Giles to man the right side of the outfield.

When healthy, Giles did an admirable job in the leadoff spot last year, creating pressure on the pitcher when he reached base despite the fact he was no real threat to steal or advance extra bases with his speed.

His power is fading along with his health but with no real alternatives for the outfield lets hope Giles can silence the doubters for one more year. His BA will probably be around last year's .270 and don't expect much more than 10 HR. Giles is slated for the leadoff spot again at this point but don't be surprised if Giles finds himself coming off the bench for a younger, faster player by the start of the summer. I have no idea who that player will be, but Giles is probably one injury or slump away from losing his role on the team.

It's probably not the best year to be a Giles.

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