FriarBall: Linebrink's turn

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Linebrink's turn

I thought we had another win in the bag, and then Scott Linebrink took the mound. Normally Linebrink seems to be pretty reliable but he gave up back-to-back home runs? How often does that happen when you are in a position to close out the game?

Before that the Friars learned Clay Hensley would be shelved for awhile so now we have a potential hole in the rotation - if you don't count David Wells' erratic starts this year. But one positive from today ... Mike Cameron had a huge triple that should have been the game winner. It's May and so hopefully with the warm weather Cameron's and Kevin Kouzmanoff's bats will heat up.

Now we just need to get to Sergio Mitre tomorrow, but don't let the 0-2 record fool you, his ERA is under 4.00 and the Marlins seem to have a penchant for putting up runs. That in itself is amazing since most of these guys were rookies last year.

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