FriarBall: Money's worth

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Money's worth

Is it me or do the Padres seem to give fans more than they pay for at least once a week? At least this time they came out on top in the 12-inning affair down in Florida.

But this can't be good. We've already seen Kevin Towers send Justin Hampson down to Portland while his tired arm recover. And we've seen him recall Hampson four days later to fill the hole Clay Hensley left with his groin injury. We've also seen the bullpen go from stellar in April to average in May because of all of the innings those guys have had to throw between early exits and extra innings.

If the Padres are going to contend this year, they desperately need their pen to come through. But if every guy in the pen is going out every night to throw two innings because the Padres can't put anyone away in nine, the season will get very long, very fast.

But if there's one thing the pen can count on Sunday, it's that most of the guys will get to rest their tired arms as ace Jake Peavy takes the mound to close out the series against the Fish.

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