FriarBall: Shipwrecked

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The problem with David Wells' performance wasn't the fact that he gave up two runs - it was the fact he lasted only five innings while putting nine runners on base and making only 67 pitches.

I know I have mentioned this before but I will again mention it again - Wells is valuable as a teacher for the younger guys on staff, but he may no longer be starting material. And with Kevin Towers dead set on keeping more pitchers than he needs on his roster, a solution needs to be found for when Clay Hensley comes off the DL. Justin Germano is not going anywhere and it makes no sense that if Hensley is being developed as a starter to send him back to the pen, so the solution seems to be sending down Justin Hampson or Kevin Cameron and finding a spot for Hensley.

Again, I propose the solution of moving Wells to the pen and making him the No.1 option for if or when Hensley or Germano gets in trouble and needs to come out early. It keeps Wells on staff in a position that he can still tutor the younglings, it keeps the younglings in the starting rotation and it gets one of our unused relievers some playing time, even if it is at a lower level.

It also seems to give the Friars the best chance to win. The Padres have lost 4 of the last 6 Wells has started and they can't afford to lose games to the lowly Bucs, especially when the Los Angeles Dodgers are in front in the NL West.

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