FriarBall: Offensive outburst

Monday, June 18, 2007

Offensive outburst

Did anyone else enjoy rocking the Cubs for 11 runs and 5 home runs? Talk about the best way to get payback, this game showed the Cubbies that SD means business.

Of course we are probably going to lose Jake Peavy and Chris Young to suspensions stemming from Saturday's brawl, but if the offense can have another outburst like it did Sunday, the Padres may be able to survive a game or two without the staff aces.

Greg Maddux was solid in his start but Mike Cameron stole the show with his two home runs in first two at bats. Adrian Gonzalez also had a big game - which he was due for - and even Khalil Greene made rare contact and jacked one out of the yard. Is it me or is Greene a white version of Ozzie Smith, minus the cool backflip? Greene couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if it was thrown at him but he plays fantastic, effortless defense.

Monday's an off day and then the Baltimore Orioles (from my neck of the woods) come to town to resume interleague play. Hopefully this round will be better than the round before SD hit Chicago.

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