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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Early games

These early games are killers. Even though they are middle of the afternoon games here on the East Coast, they are throwing off my schedule. But anyhow, the Padres are playing the Cubs and that means the games are on TV for me.

I saw the beginning of yesterday's game (before life caught up with me) and I have to say, you could tell in the first inning it was going to be a rough outing for David Wells when it appeared he wasn't going to get the strike zone he wanted. He got out of that inning ok, but the tight zone eventually caught up to him and Chicago took the first game.

I have to say as a side note to the game, listening to the Cubs announcers talk about the series was funny. They pretty much were saying that the series should be easier because the Cubs don't have to face Jake Peavy or undefeated Justin Germano. Apparently those guys thought Chicago fared better against Wells, Chris Young and Greg Maddux.

They went on to say that there were no easy games against the Padres rotation but Wells may be the easiest one to pick a win up from given his somewhat erratic nature. Well, hopefully Young and Maddux will get the job done and win this series for SD.

Young takes on Carlos "Punching buddy" Zambrano in an early afternoon game out East.

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