FriarBall: Suspensions and turmoil

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Suspensions and turmoil

Chris Young was suspended five games for his role in the brawl, and while it seems unfair that he and Derrek Lee received the same punishment the one thing to remember is that most leagues have a standard punishment just for throwing a punch. While my memory is fuzzy with what baseball's rule is - it's probably and unwritten one - I'm sure intent was left out of the process.

To say tonight's opponent is in turmoil may be an understatement - but the Orioles are a mess. They fired their manager yesterday and listening to John Kruk this morning, he is saying no manager in their right mind should even consider working for Peter Angelos.

Let's just say the Orioles offense makes the Padres look like the Red Sox and after Baltimore spent most of its money upgrading its pen, they have nothing to show for it. There is some talent on the team - closer Chris Ray could turn into a solid player - but they have a lot of overpaid veterans. The Padres should be able to sweep this series without any problems, especially with Jake Peavy on the mound tonight. Steve Trachsel takes the hill for the birds, who actually has been a pretty good free agent pick-up (one of the few).

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