FriarBall: Ichiro's a no go

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ichiro's a no go

Bad news for Padres fans. In case you haven't seen it on ESPN, apparently Ichiro will not be leaving Seattle after all. According to the article, an announcement will be made on Thursday stating that the Mariners will give Ichiro a five-year extension that could be worth $100 million.

Of course this extension means bad things for teams looking for a center fielder this offseason as there will be one less top notch guy for teams to bid on, meaning the prices of Andruw Jones and Torii Hunter just went up.

Now it is still possible the Padres will re-sign Mike Cameron and since his performance has picked up after a slow start, that may be a viable option. But for those of us hoping to get a younger or more consistent center fielder, the chances of doing so may be slipping away. Let's just hope Cameron is willing to stick around.

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