FriarBall: Wells comes through

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wells comes through

If one thing painfully obvious this year, it's that David Wells and Greg Maddux are really old. And while I am sure they are great to have around our young pitchers and that the knowledge they are passing on can't be quantified, I still get nervous every time I see it is their turn in the rotation (Wells even more so than Maddux).

So it's always a great surprise when Wells or Maddux can pitch past their recommended pitch count (IT'S 75 BUD BLACK), and Monday's start by Wells was fantastic. He went well over 75 pitches but got out before he imploded, giving up only 1 run in 6 innings.

I know there has been some complaining about the fact that SD carries a 7 man pen, especially when a couple of the guys will sit weeks on end between appearances, but this has to be the reason why - in case Wells or Maddux implode beyond the point of no return. But with what we saw from Wells tonight, hopefully that will not happen to a point that one of them has to be replaced in the rotation permanently. It was also nice that Michael Barrett showed off that bat of his.

As the season starts winding down, SD will need Wells and Maddux to be as sharp as possible so let's hope Black will start working them on a more limited pitch count (although I doubt it happens) and that the Padres can get some of that postseason magic from the postseason vets.

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