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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lots of changes lately

Sorry for the long delay between posts, the fourth has screwed up my schedule at work and has left me little time to write this weekend. But as I have pondered about what to write, I thought it might be time to finally define the identity of this blog.

I originally started this blog as a way to post my opinion on the news and happenings with the Padres but quickly detoured into other things like game-by-game analysis. So I am going to stop and go back to what I want to do. I still want to try and post everyday (of course as my schedule allows), but instead of focusing on the specifics of individual games, I want to talk about what the franchise is doing, what it is accomplishing and where it is going. So without further blabbing from my end, here is my take on a couple of the recent happpenings.

SD trades for Bradley

While I am more of a Parker Brothers guy myself (ok, stupid game joke out of the way), Milton Bradley appears to be just the type of guy that can really fill a hole. Granted, he doesn't have the cleanest track record but it appears SD is willing to take a chance, even without a physical. Along with Michael Barrett, many comments are being made about what these two new acquisitions will do to the team's chemistry. I think both guys have plenty of motive to behave and I don't think either will be a problem, no matter how closely both will be watched.

Series win over Dodgers

This series and the one with Arizona are going to be the toughest series' the rest of the season but I have a feeling the Dodgers won't be able to compete with the Padres. The Dodgers won two series' in April but since then, the Padres are 5-1 against our neighbors from the North. Our pitching should carry us to a division title and into the playoffs but if the Padres don't find more offense, they will struggle to get past the first round.

All-Star pitching

With the release of the All-Star rosters, it is no surprise that the Padres have two - and potentially three - pitchers on this year's squad. Jake Peavy and Trevor Hoffman are having the best year's of any starting pitchers and closers in the National League, and "last chance" nominee Chris Young should have been included in the first place considering the fact that Brad Penny and Peavy are the only two NL pitchers on a better roll right now. While the whole "last chance" vote and All-Star are jokes in general, it's cool to see our guys getting the recognition they deserve.

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