FriarBall: Another game, another loss

Monday, April 30, 2007

Another game, another loss

Is it me or are a lot of the Padres games lately coming down to the last out or extra innings? After their 17-inning marathon Sunday, the Friars have fallen to fourth place in the NL West but are still one game above .500.

I don't think you can complain too much when the bullpen pitches 12 solid innings before giving up a single run, and I think the only thing to do here is to get excited for this week because it is just what a struggling team needs as the Padres face the Nationals for three games beginning Monday and the Marlins. If there is one way to get back on track, bringing Washington into town is about the best way to do it and I should know considering I live in Nationals country. An undefeated Jake Peavy facing a winless John Patterson should help too.

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LizzyGee. said...

it just sucks. i hate when the boys are in slumps, i hope this rubs off pretty soon.