FriarBall: Gonzalez, Young paying off

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gonzalez, Young paying off

Winning three of their last four games, the Padres have to be pleased with the results of the trade that brought Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez to San Diego. With Gonzalez going 2-for-6 Friday night with a three-run home run in the first inning and Young giving up only one run in seven innings, one thing is obvious, the Padres took the Rangers to town.

Getting Young and Gonzalez, along with Terrmel Sledge for Adam Eaton (who is now with the Phillies after being injured most of last year), Akinori Otsuka (an on-again, off-again closer) and a minor league catcher, GM Kevin Towers is a genius.

Even if Young, Gonzalez and Sledge never play another game in the majors, the Padres are the winners in this deal. Now most people will tell you that a trade cannot be judged after one year, but looking at what the Rangers have to show for the trade, this winner of this trade was obvious even last season.

While I was sad to see a talented pitcher like Eaton leave, it is just further evidence that Towers knows what he's doing when he adds or subtracts a pitcher from the roster. Eaton hasn't been able to pitch much and Young has lost only one start in his last 26 road starts.

So when Towers looks to make a big splash before this year's trading deadline, I will remember how successful this trade was and even if one of my favorites are involved, I will know that it will work out in the Padres' favor.


Larry Brown said...

Gonzalez has been quite impressive, as has Young. This is one of the more underrated fleece jobs in a trade of recent memory.

Geoff Young said...

When I tackled Kevin Towers' trades in my book, this deal didn't even make his top five. I did, however, give it an honorable mention, noting that "Three years from now, this may well be the best trade Towers has made." His track record in trades really is amazing.