FriarBall: Remembering Jackie

Monday, April 16, 2007

Remembering Jackie

It's no secret that MLB honored Jackie Robinson on Sunday - the 60th anniversary of his first MLB game - and for Padres fans, we got to see all of the festivities since they faced the Los Angeles Dodgers, Robinson's first team back when the Dodgers still played in Brooklyn.

And while it was a pain to see our guys lose 9-3 and drop to 7-5 on the year, it is nice to see that we have still started the season decently and it is kind of poetic that the Dodgers won a game that had so much meaning and celebration behind it.

While I had seen all sorts of columns and stories talking about Robinson's significance on the game and how good or bad it is to let anyone who wants to wear Robinson's league-wide retired N0. 42, I have to say it was pretty cool to see all of the Dodgers wearing Robinson's number.

And while the loss was the first series the Padres lost this year, it is nice to see that three of our five pitchers have won at least one game. The struggles of Mike Cameron are a little troublesome but with a solid starting staff and a bullpen that didn't allow a run in its first 29 1/3 innings it seems the Padres are in a good rhythm as things get going this season. Again, Sunday's play was disturbing but with the struggling the Chicago Cubs next on the schedule, look for the Padres to continue to build on their early success this season and look for Clay Hensley to pick up his first win of the season.

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