FriarBall: Curse of Ken Caminiti?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Curse of Ken Caminiti?

It's no secret that the Padres have made a priority of finding a top notch third baseman the past couple of years. But is there a reason why the last five players who have tried to fill the hot corner have all failed?

In a sport where superstitions rule over common sense, it seems the Padres may have their own curse to try to exercise.

Since former NL MVP Ken Caminiti passed away on October 10, 2004 the Padres have tried highly touted prospect Sean Burroughs, the versatile Geoff Blum, the ancient and "I can only hit at Coors Field" Vinny Castilla and the versatile Todd Walker and are now hoping highly touted prospect Kevin Kouzmanoff - who was brought over for highly touted second baseman Josh Barfield - can take control of the role.

But like everyone before him, Kouzmanoff has struggled in San Diego after a promising showing at the end of last season in Cleveland. Kouzmanoff's average before Thursday's game against Arizona was .132, and hasn't been above the Mendoza line since the team's third game of the season, back on April 5. Blum, who has replaced Kouzmanoff late in games, owns an even more repulsive .080 average with only two hits in 25 at bats.

If this is just a slump, hopefully one of these guys will break out of it before they cost the team a chance at the postseason. But if it really is a curse, someone break out the voodoo dolls and lets see if we can't help this thing pass before we wait 80+ years like some teams have had to wait to break their curses causing their World Series droughts. I would actually like to be alive when the Padres finally win the big one.

Hopefully, Kouzmanoff will straighten out and prove there is no curse, but if he fails to secure the role


russ said...

Does Termel Sledge know how to play third base? ;)

Jim said...

Maybe he and Cruz can share that position too. Whichever one is not in left can play third that day so both bats can get in the lineup.