FriarBall: Welcome back Johnson

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Welcome back Johnson

So Randy Johnson picked up right where he left off last season, looking like he should have retired a couple of years ago. Giving up six runs in five innings isn't exactly the most dominating performance, especially coming from a pitcher whose mere size alone used to be enough to intimidate even some of the best hitters.

Luckily for Johnson - and nerve wracking for us Friar fans - the Diamondbacks decided not to roll over as easily as he did. And Kevin Cameron did his best to let things get interesting as well but the Padres did prevail 10-5. Good thing Trevor Hoffman is still around to clean up the messes left by other pitchers.

The win was not only the a great way to start off the team's three-game set at Arizona, but it also got David Wells his first win of the season, meaning all five of San Diego's starters now have at least one win with 3-0 Jake Peavy taking the hill tomorrow.

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