FriarBall: Unbelievable Implosion

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Unbelievable Implosion

Even the best players have off days but who would have thought that Trevor Hoffman would have blown a save against the Diamondbacks on Wednesday. What's worse, is he gave up the home run to a struggling Stephen Drew, who had no home runs and only five RBIs before that.

It seemed like Jake Peavy pitched a terrific game, striking out 16 over seven innings - including nine straight, one short of a MLB record held by Tom Seaver - and giving up only two hits. What a waste. But again, even the best players - including Hoffman, have off days.

If this was a rookie or combustible closer - think Brad Lidge - I would be worried but I think after a game like this you just have to feel that we'll get the Diamondbacks the next time we're in that situation. And Hoffman, who is closing in on 500 saves, will be money when he faces Arizona again. Because in San Diego, it's always Trevor Time.

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